Dreamy Fictional Landscape Collages By James Frede


For the series ‘Fiction Landscapes‘, artist James Frede creates landscape collages by combining vintage photos he finds at flea markets. By aligning the images according to the edges, the landscape collages inhabit new dimensions – both geographically as well as chronologically. The fictional sceneries are the artist’s attempt to explore the relationship between past, present and memory.

In a statement about the series, Frede says: “The visual of how well the lands meet and continue also creates a dialog about how the land beneath our feet is connected to the land beneath our loved ones feet possibly thousands of miles away. Furthermore, it can be argued that all of the land is connected beneath our feet spanning continents and beyond where the divisions are not humanly perceivable. One constant line drawn below us around the globe and back to us, with a center meeting point just under our shoes, in whichever direction you choose to face.”

All images © James Frede

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