Playful Photography by Aoi Yao


Who is checking our Flickr Friday selection on a regular basis has sure met Taipei-based photographer Aoi Yao as we showed her work a couple of times. We discovered her when she was contributing her work to our curated Flickr group a few times, so we gladly present a larger selection of her work today. Aoi Yao has a playful, yet clear style, featuring female models and natural landscapes. She is also part of the photographer collective Clear, where we also spotted Bravo Ko.

All images © Aoi Yao | Via: Flickr

Aoi Yao_Photography_01Aoi Yao_Photography_01aAoi Yao_Photography_01bAoi Yao_Photography_01cAoi Yao_Photography_02Aoi Yao_Photography_03Aoi Yao_Photography_04Aoi Yao_Photography_05Aoi Yao_Photography_06Aoi Yao_Photography_07Aoi Yao_Photography_08Aoi Yao_Photography_09Aoi Yao_Photography_09aAoi Yao_Photography_10Aoi Yao_Photography_11Aoi Yao_Photography_12
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