Paper Artist Cybèle Young Creates A Fantastic World Of Everyday Objects


Toronto-based artist Cybèle Young creates a fantastic world of everyday objects made of paper. Whether it’s a guitar case, headphones, a small bag or an umbrella, Young not only carefully crafts miniature objects using fine Japanese paper, but turns these often overlooked objects into colorful sculptural artworks. In doing so, her imagination shows no boundaries. At the same time, she alters the viewer’s perception with an artful arrangement of these creations that show ordinary objects evolving into fantasy-like paper creatures. In a statement, she describes her work: ‘These manifest as miniature theatres – one act plays, where shifts of scale and perception occur. Despite the absence of the human form there is an implied presence, where the viewer can project themselves into another world.’

All images © Cybèle Young, Courtesy of Forum Gallery, New York | Via: Fubiz

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