Jared Chambers


Jared Chambers is a freelance photographer living in Los Angeles, CA, specializing in commercial, portrait and landscape photography. Jared’s background growing up in the outdoors has shaped his photographic style.

He spends his time hiking, going on road trips and exploring the great outdoors with his camera. As we can’t join one of his trips in real life, we asked him to take us along for 24 Hours, presenting his day through the lens of his camera. Luckily he agreed and took us on a trip to Yosemite National Park, where we get to breathe fresh air, take a swim and discover some great sights with him and his friends. Thank you Jared Chambers for showing us through your day and keep the amazing landscape shots coming. You can also follow his journeys via Instagram.

[8:00 am] Early morning sunlight crept into our tent cabin, waking us up. Tired after last night’s long drive from LA, we meet friends

[10:00 am] We spend the morning bouldering and swimming on the valley floor.

[1:00 pm] We can’t resist stopping with the tourists at Tunnel View Scenic Vista.

[2:30 pm] As we hike out to the edge of Sentinel Dome, the fog engulfs the valley.

[3:30 pm] We spot a hidden alpine lake. The girls jump around on the exposed rocks. California’s drought is obvious here.

[4:30 pm] Fog and freezing rain greet us at Lake Tenaya.

[7:00 pm] We take our cue from the fading light and head out.

All images © Jared Chambers

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