Fat & Furious Burger


The French duo Thomas and Quentin of graphic design practice Studio Furious turn hamburgers into fantastic works of food art. Being bored by their random sandwiches at lunchtime, they decided to cook something themselves, putting everything from pepper to gold powder, from eggs to eggplants between the buns. From week to week they invent new burger creations, that they even collected in a book.

Inspired by pop culture, soccer, history, weddings and all kinds of crazy stuff, the two let their imagination run free to create amazing burger creations such as the ‘Marie Antoinette Burger’, the ‘Burger d’amour’ or the ‘Canicule Burger’. We certainly can’t get enough of their creative burger ideas and if you feel the same way, you can check all of them out here or even hang one on your favourite on your wall. Bon Appetit.

All images © Studio Furious

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