Kyoto – Young Minds in an old City


Kyoto has become a haven for creatives from around the world. To explore this phenomenon mb! Magazine took the Mercedes-Benz G-Class from Tokyo all the way into Japan’s tradition-steeped west.

No other Japanese city embodies the country’s traditions quite like Kyoto. With its rich past and impressive array of World Cultural Heritage sites, it clearly clashes with Tokyo’s glittering neon and mega city appeal. While the latter metropolis exposes its citizens to an onslaught of flashy impressions, Kyoto gives people space to think and create, prompting a steady stream of young creatives to flock to the city and incorporate its impressive heritage into their own visions of what a promising present and future might hold.

The creative pieces of this culture reveal an equally diverse image of Kyoto – a city that does not simply conserve its traditions, but considers them an opportunity for new perspectives that inspire further development and a slew of brand new approaches. ‘Let’s give it a go!’ is something we are likely to hear more and more often around Kyoto, paving the way for a promising future.

To get to know the creatives mb! met on their way and hear their stories, click here.

All images © Gui Martinez| Via: mb! Magazine

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