A Van in the Sea by Alessandro Puccinelli


In 2011 photographer Alessandro Puccinelli decided to buy an old motorhome Hymer 1983 to go and move it along the south coast of Portugal, exploring some of his favorite places in Europe. He states: “I did that just to be able to take care of my personal photography project and also because I just wanted to do what I like.”
Captured entirely at night, the sprawl of open landscape, dark waters, starry skies and wisps of clouds lends a breathtaking aesthetic to the entire series.

All images © Alessandro Puccinelli

A Van in the Sea_Praia dos Aivados_01A Van in the Sea_Praia dos Aivados_02A Van in the Sea_Praia dos Aivados_03A Van in the Sea_Praia dos Aivados_04
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