Jasmine by Weronika Izdebska


We’ve featured the amazing works of photographer Weronika Izdebska previously on iGNANT, now she’s back with her new series entitled ‘Jasmine’.

We have to admit that we really love the style and mood of her imagery that appears delicate and strong at the same time while her latest series is no exception. Nude, female bodies are moving through an abandoned greenhouse, playing with the left-behind items like they’d be caught in a dream. The night-blooming Jasmine lend the series its name while it could also be the name of one of the protagonists. As a viewer, we can’t really figure out what’s actually happening in front of our eyes but we sure know that we can’t wait to see more of Weronika Izdebska’s beautiful works.

All images © Weronika Izdebska

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