Top 10 Watercolor Paintings


Today we’d like to introduce you to some of our favorite artist when it comes to painting with watercolor. Everyone probably gave this technique a try at school where we had to learn that it’s just not as easy to create something decent with it as it may seem. Though these 10 talents succeed in bringing extraordinary artworks to live using the waterborne paint. For more of our ‘Top 10’ Features, click here.


Brooklyn-based illustrator Monica Ramos is best known for her airy and whimsical watercolor illustrations. Her raw talent and her humorous take on the everyday is ingrained in many of her pieces.



Henrietta Harris creates beautiful pictures using watercolor and gouache. Her hand-drawn faces, hands, brains, glaciers seem to float away from each other, reminding us of those moments when your body is present but your mind drifts to far away places. Although her work uses traditional techniques, her beautiful portraits retain a modern subject matter and style.



Artist and food lover Sara Zin created the blog Starving Artist to share her favorite recipes, in the best way she knows how — through art. Using watercolor as her medium of choice, Sara Zin depicts indulgent imagery that makes anyone hungry for a taste of these delicious food items.



Brooke Weeber is a Portland-based illustrator who brings whimsical, nature-based scenes to life. Her complex pieces combine animals with instruments, ribbons with clouds and always feature her iconic subtle color palate and playful aesthetic. Brooke finds her inspiration from various natural landscapes as well as Greek and Native American culture.



Inspired by naturalistic illustrations, oriental textile patterns, naive art, legends and folklore, Aitch creates colorful watercolor illustrations on paper, intricate beasts with bodies composed of birds, wolves, snakes, flowers, all evoking fantastical scenes of splendor and malice.



Born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver, educated in Denmark, and currently residing in Berlin, Andrea Wan is an artist with a diverse and culturally rich background to draw upon. Inspired by her relationships with the various people and places she got to know throughout her journeys, Wan’s illustrations and ink paintings seek to tell narratives that seem influenced by folktales and children’s stories.



Artist Gel Jamlang creates surreal watercolor and acrylic illustrations that feature the human body, sometimes paired with animals or painted with an interesting symmetrical or mirroring effect. Jamlang’s illustrations combine realism with bizarre imagery to create a dynamic and energetic composition.



Emily Deutchman created the project ‘Presidents with Boob Faces’, taking the tradition of presidential portraits and subverts their solemnity by transforming their faces with schoolboy ‘boob doodles’, twisting the historic grandeur of portraiture and national pomp with this lowbrow interjection of irony and humor.



Nineteen year old artist Aliza Razell combines two of her great passions; photography and watercolors in her mixed media artworks. Somewhat colorfoul water bombs seem to explode and drip onto her pictures. You can find more of her works here.



Fabienne Rivory is a French artist who is creating artworks which blend painting and photography. She loves to explore interactions between photography and painting, real world and imagination, memories and reality. Her paintings of the series ‘Miroir’ are made of watercolor that are then digitally combined with photos. The finished works contain a certain vibrancy and mediate a more subjective and poetic vision.


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