Artist Duane Hanson And His Hyperreal Sculptures Of Everyday Life


During his lifetime and throughout his 40-year-long career, artist Duane Hanson created lifelike sculptures of everyday people. For the first time in decades, his portraits of working-class Americans can now be seen again at Serpentine Sackler Gallery in London. From a flea market lady to a house painter and an old couple on a bench – by only looking at the hyperreal sculptures, one gets the impression that they will look up or start moving at any minute.

Though they’re actually made from polyester resin: while working on the sculptures, Hanson worked with live models as an example and paid close attention to every single detail of the human body, from body hair to veins and bruises. Hanson’s work focuses on the sometimes overlooked members of society. But often, it’s people like the portrayed construction workers or the cleaning lady who make sure that our everyday life is running smoothly.

All images © Luke Hayes | Via: It’s nice that

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