Michal Trpák


Whether the figures are carried towards the sky or just holding on to umbrellas, sailing downward is up to the viewer to decide. ‘Slight Uncertainty’ the installation by Czech artist Michal Trpák is called and the viewer can’t be quite be sure of what is happening here. Trpák installs his sculptures almost exclusively in public places.

‘Slight Uncertainty’ for example is located in an office building in Prague. He recons that sculptures and art should be increasingly displayed in public places where many people move around, come and go. His goal is to create a dialogue between public life, the surrounding architecture and sculptures. ‘This is the dialog I am trying to get with my art, dialogue among my art, architecture and people. And if the people are talking about the installation and if it somehow affects them it means that it is good.’

All images © Michal Trpák | Via: i-ref

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