Thirteenth Month


Nich Hance McElroy is a 28 year old photographer currently based in Vancouver, Canada. Although he doesn’t study photography but english at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, his beautiful series ‘Thirteenth Month’ is a homage to the professional travel photography.

The shots show impressions of a scenic landscape, kept with a knowing view for most aesthetic perspectives, moods and details. Though not all pictures show spectacular moments of the journey, we think that Nich Hance McElroy’s series has its own beautiful charm, which we wouldn’t want to withhold from you.

Everyone knows that in a run of normal uneventful years that great eccentric, Time, begets sometimes other years, different, prodigal years which – like a sixth, smallest toe – grow a thirteenth freak month.
Bruno Schulz, The Street of Crocodiles

All images © Nich Hance McElroy

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