Andrew Gallo is a filmmaker, director and producer. He also created the great photographic series ‘Iceland’. The beautiful and dreamy images seem to slow time, give the viewer the feeling of being right there, standing in the photographers spot.

At the same time he evokes an emotional response from the viewer, carefully constructing a world consisting of nothing but silence, calmness and broad landscapes.

Travelling through Vík, Jökulsárlón, Hveragerði, and Snæfellsnes Peninsula, among other cities, Andrew Gallo and his wife, Carissa Gallo, took beautiful shots of the majestic changing scenery as well as geothermal pools. The two of them captured the amazing imagery on film and an iPhone. For him shoting images with an iPhone is ‘an easy way to capture a moment, a memory, and feeling without much effort’.

All images © Andrew Gallo / Carissa Gallo

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