Black Patagonia By Neels Castillon


‘When you travel to Patagonia, South America, you understand why so many adventurers or dreamers came here to satisfy their desire of freedom. It’s impossible not to be fascinated by this wild beauty’, Neels Castillon, a Paris based photographer, enthuses about his travel which gave birth of his series ‘Black Patagonia’.

‘Everything is black, the winds are furious, the unleashed sea and endless roads make it an unreal place where you really feel at the end of the world.’ Neels has a very instinctive approach as a photographer, he likes to just walk around and be open to things. He enjoys to process the colors to exaggerate whatever emotions he feels about the subject. While working he doesn’t care so much about realism, but rather thinks of giving meaning with colors, ‘it’s a good way to make the people experience the journey through your point of view.’

All images © Neels Castillon | Via: submission

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