Insta Fav #69: Devin Castro


Our Insta Fav #69 is Devin Castro, a 24-year-old self-taught photographer. As he tells us, he enjoys listening to music, people-watching, and being out in nature.
“I love the smell of rain on dry earth, fresh baked bread, and patchouli. I love the sound of high heels walking on a tile floor (especially in malls), crushing leaves, Jena Malone’s voice, and the pops/crackle of an old vinyl record. My favorite word is ‘sonder’.”

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Where are you from? How does that place influence the way you photograph?
I was born in the suburbs of Honolulu, Hawai’i and raised in/around Los Angeles, California. Throughout most of my childhood, my family and I would move from city to city hoping to find a home better than the one before. Ever since I got my first car at age sixteen, I found pleasure in taking my car for a drive with no specific destination in mind. This “always on the move” mentality really stuck with me and influences the way I shoot photography. I guess it’s also because I tend to get bored easily.

What are your favorite environments to shoot in?
My work is very much inspired by the relationship between me and the surrounding. I usually don’t like making specific plans in advance as I adore working on the spot, which makes it even more spontaneous and exciting. I enjoy using any given space in an active way, like playing a game of hide-and-seek with the viewer.

What are the strengths of shooting primarily mobile? How does this affect your imagery?
I absolutely love the accessibility of using a mobile phone, because it’s so easy and efficient. For me, it’s the fastest way to capture the in-between moments of life.

Who and what are the things that inspire you?
Everyday life seems to have the strongest impact on me. I’m constantly inspired by the fragile ethereality of little happenings. I find that photography is a way of documenting our existence and interpreting it creatively.

Favorite instagrammers?
@jonschoonover, @cschoonover, @lydaux, @saysthefox and @amy_messenger

Tell us a little about your everyday.
I tend to wake up late, because I’m a night owl. I read for a couple of hours and then check my emails. If I don’t have work, I pack a lunch and go for a long drive somewhere. I sketch/write/document about the beautiful things I witness in my moleskine. I sit and watch the sunset. I come home and relax, i.e. catch up on television shows, watch TED talks, read blogs, edit photos I’ve taken throughout the day. I have long phone conversations with friends and family. I update myself on all social media platforms. Just before going to bed, I like listening to a vinyl and slowly falling asleep to it. Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill by Grouper is a favorite. Lather, rinse, and repeat.

Which Apps do you use to edit your pictures?
VSCOcam. M5 is my bae.

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