Andreas Nicolas Fischer


Andreas Nicolas Fischer is doing generative art. Generative art is a contemporary art form, which is focusing rather on the origination process itself than on the final outcome.

I am pretty fascinated when Andreas is showing me what exactly he is doing in his studio. At first there is not much to see, the space seems empty and his desk doesn´t look any different to a thousand others. Though, after switching on the computer to show me different processes he was generating my eyes follow the steady expansion of various colors spreading on the screen like a complex dance of colors or how he is transforming a golden ball into diverse forms with only a mouseclick.

Andreas is making art on the computer, thus drawing pad and keyboard are main part of his Daily Basics. He defines the rules, the art is evloving on its own. Most of the times Andreas has a vision how it might look like in the end and he is choosing what looks like a harmonious composition to him. He is noting his ideas in his sketchbook, while he finds inspiration when traveling. For translating his generated processes into physical forms like reliefs, graphics, sculptures od pirnts, Andreas is working a lot with wood or aluminium by using the milling machine. Here he makes use of the earmuffs, protecting goggles and face mask as well as chrome spray and oils spray for a later treatment.

The earphones symbolize Andreas eclectic sense for music while he mainly listens to Hip Hop and his favourite band would be the Talking Heads. In general Andreas would rather not to carry a million things around and sometimes he enjoys leaving everything at home and be unavailable for the rest of the world.


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