Simon Freund of SIMON&ME Store Berlin


We visited Simon Freund of SIMON&ME in his shop called Local in Kreuzberg, where he introduced us to some of his favourite pieces for our category ‘Lieblingsstücke’. He arranged his items on the Vitsœ Side Table 621.

The photographies of colorful show birds found in the An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds by Mike Stephenson already found their way on his walls when they were not even published as a book yet, though he printed them on his computer to hang them in his kitchen. His team is currently working on developing their own scented candle while Simon’s favorite flavor is rosemary. The watch by the Scandinavian label TID and the copper bracelet from his own collection are his daily companions on his wrist. The glass is a heirloom of a friend which reveals a quite fascinating pattern upon closer inspection. The origin of this beautiful piece is unfortunately unknown. The gloves by Kämmen keep him warm during the colder months, never leaving his side, just like his notepad and filler which he uses to note spontaneous ideas. SIMON&ME is also featured in the current Wallpaper Berlin Guide.

Simon Freund follows the thought of only purchasing what will accompany him for a lifetime, cherishing high quality materials and sustainability while the often slightly higher price range usually redeems over time. For him good design manifests itself in a well-wrought idea while the implementation should only use what’s absolutely essential for the idea.

The 621 Side Table was first designed by Dieter Rams for Vitsœ in 1962 along with his 620 Chair Programme. It’s available in two sizes and two color tones, so you can either use it alone or combined as a group. Due to it’s various possible uses and it’s classic, timeless design, you can turn it and slide it over a sofa, use it for your laptop or stack magazines on it, it will be there when needed. Stay tuned for the next ‘Lieblingsstücke’ Feature in collaboration with Vitsœ.

If you’d like to take a closer look at the Vitsœ furniture, you can do so between the 15 and 17 January at the ARCH+ studio at Auguststraße 69 in Berlin. Vitsœ planner Mirko Meznaric will be there to guide you through the product line, click here for more info.

Photography by Ana Santl, Portrait Shot by Søren Jepsen, Interview and Text by Caroline Kurze

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