Top 12 Food Art


We’ve collected our favorite artworks that involve food and all kinds of eatables. If you click on the picture you can read a more detailed blogpost to each piece. Enjoy our Top 12 Food Art.

Eatable Sculptures

Marion Luttenberger collaborated with a friend to create a series around ‘food, and a whole lot of love’. The pictures were commissioned by based in Vancouver. They set focus on the authenticity and transparency of markets while believing that good food has the power to change the economic viability of communities.

Cut Food

Food Photographer Beth Galton and Food Stylist Charlotte Omnès collaborated for the series ‘Cut Food’. A fun idea to provide a peek at food in a way that defies gravity- slicing it right down the middle in whatever container it’s normally found in.

Art in Wurst

It all started with ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch. This ‘Scream made of ham’ inspired Karsten Wegener, Silke Baltruschat and Raik Holst to look for more examples in art they could reinterpret with sausages and bologna.

Food Landscapes

Christopher Boffoli does what was strictly forbidden when I was a child; he is playing with food. His miniature men explore eatables out of a new, unknown perspective. Thus an applecake becomes a building site, noodles become a viewing platform and a cornet is reconstructed to a tent.

Pantone Pairings

A while back designer David Schwen had the idea of making Pantone chips out of real household objects—sponges, cardboard, and the like. Though when he was taping two of the Pantone chips together to see how they looked next to one another, he instantly thought of how people pair food together, and the Pantone pairings were born.

Everyday Objects made of food

Photographer and visual artist Dan Cretu recreates everyday objects out of fruits and vegetables. With his sculptures, Dan transforms common everyday eatables into recognizable objects.

Rorschach Foods

By dropping different foods manually onto bendable plates, Esther Lobo created her series ‘Rorschach’. Inspired by the well known psychological Rorschach test she creates a mosaic of colorful patterns made of ice cream, tomato sauce and many other foods.

It’s not what it seems

In this fun series of painted objects named ‘It’s not what it seems’, artist Hikaru Cho transforms common foods with deftly applied acrylic paints into something else. A banana gets to look like a cucumber, a tomato becomes a mandarine and even an egg is made into an eggplant.

Painting with food

Hong Yi is a Malaysian artist and architect, who is working within the confines of a plate with various eatables, creating animals, landscapes and other objects only using food and a plain white plate as a background.

Food of the Rainbow

Henry Hargreaves created a set of colorful dishes for his project ’Food of the Rainbow’ in collaboration with photographer Lisa Edsaly.

El Banquete

With his pilot project ‘El Banquete’, graphic designer and illustrator Martin Satí and his students were using fruits, vegetables and small glasses arranged in rows to create a large scale portrait.

Balanced Nutrition

Elena Mora examined the deconstruction and the basic ingredients of our typical food and how certain ingredients combined give us our favorite dishes. She says: “The unbalanced situation of ingredients is directly connected to our stereotyped idea of a ‘balanced diet’ , what is better than one of grandmas home-cooked meals to finally have a balanced diet!?”.

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