Rorschach by Esther Lobo


By dropping different foods manually onto bendable plates, Esther Lobo created her series ‘Rorschach’. Inspired by the well known psychological Rorschach test she creates a mosaic of colorful patterns made of ice cream, tomato sauce and many other foods.

Folding the plates in the middle after adding a certain food she followed the same method used to create the tests obtaining symmetrical spots. By placing the corresponding food packaging over each stain she adds dimension and at the same time provides one point to attract the attention, in competition with the spots as background. ‘I created each picture as a game of shape, texture and color itself, but always thinking of their position in the final composition, trying to balance it.’
So what do you see? Maybe butterflies, bears or….

All images © Esther Lobo | Via: My Modern Met

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