Elena Mora


Elena Mora is an Italien Hamburg based freelance stylist and set designer. She studied at the Lapland University, has lived and worked in Berlin and is cofounder of Tinaa, a studio that specializes in editorial design, art direction, video installation and set design.

With her body of work ‘Ricettario’ she examined the deconstruction and the basic ingredients of our typical food and how certain ingredients combined give us our favorite dishes. She says: ‘The unbalanced situation of ingredients is directly connected to our stereotyped idea of a ‘balanced diet’ , what is better than one of grandmas home-cooked meals to finally have a balanced diet!?’.
In another project, ‘Personal Fakes’, she aimed at playing and recreating how light projects and creates different views in a certain space. How it can change our perspective of objects just by changing its shape through light and shadow. The objects become a surreal part of a room, like left behind pieces of unknown inhabitants.

All images © Elena Mora

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