Relation in Time by Tin Lun Li


Apart from sharing the same title, ‘Relation in Time’ by Tin Lun Li also gets inspiration from Marina Abramovic & Ulay’s performance. You might remember the two from the moving performance ‘The Artist Is Present’ that left many people in tears.
But more than bringing out the relationship between man and woman, couples and lovers in time, Tin Lun Li’s work also points out the relationship between audience & the art piece itself, time and space through the use of positive and negative space.

The busts show the artist himself and his wife, both are constructed by layers of computer generated cross-section images. They are not completed without the existence of each other, the negative space of the man is actually hollowed by the contour of woman and vice versa, each bust loaded with each other’s image.

All images © Tin Lun Li

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