Retro USB Sticks von Andrei Lacatusu


Romanian artist Andrei Lacatusu created the nostalgic project ‘Memories Stick’ inspired by classic video game joysticks, cartridges, cassette tapes, and televisions.

He states: “This project illustrates a concept surrounding the idea of past, present, memories and the connection between them. It all started from a word play I thought of, ‘memory sticks’ and ‘memories stick’, so I decided to create some childhood gadgets that got stuck to my memory, under the form of memory sticks.”

All images © Andrei Lacatusu

Andrei Lacatusu_Memories_Stick_01Andrei Lacatusu_Memories_Stick_02Andrei Lacatusu_Memories_Stick_03Andrei Lacatusu_Memories_Stick_04Andrei Lacatusu_Memories_Stick_05Andrei Lacatusu_Memories_Stick_06Andrei Lacatusu_Memories_Stick_07Andrei Lacatusu_Memories_Stick_08
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