Amy Harrity


Photographer Amy Harrity takes us with her on an emotional roadtrip to Big Sur for this exclusive 24 Hours Feature. We get to know her world and experience one day through the lens of her camera. We don’t want to tell to much more but rather hand right over to Amy. Enjoy.

“The night before our road trip, my boyfriend Evan and I stopped by his deceased grandfather’s house. We were given two cameras that we decided to document our adventure with. His grandfather was a photo enthusiast from his early days overseas in World War II to his last days spent with family. With his former tools, we hoped to capture the permanence of analog photography, the romance of shooting film, and the value in each day.

We were heading to Big Sur, CA to rendezvous with close friends from LA. Big Sur has an ethereal quality to it – time seems to stand still. The cali coast aggressively juts out and meets the peaceful abyss. The juxtaposition being a subtle metaphor for our own mortality. It’s landscape always seems to leave me with a quiet reflection.

All pictures were captured on a Ricoh Auto Half and a Rollei Prego on expired film left behind from Evan’s grandfather – Robert Reiss.”

[11:00 am] Heading out of San Francisco. Saying goodbye to beer cans in bushes and ready for the beautiful clean air in Big Sur.

[12:00 pm] In the car with Evan, blasting music with the windows down. Sometimes it’s nice to not say anything.

[12:30 pm] It wouldn’t be a road trip without sticking your head out of the sun roof.

[1:00 pm] Pulling over to look at the coast as we get into Big Sur proper.

[1:30 pm] Check into our campground, decide to shower up before our friends, Sarah and James, get in from LA.

[2:00 pm] Friends arrive and we hit the beach with some brews.

[2:30 pm] Hiking ensues. Lots of laughs. Lots of hugging outdoors. We explore beaches and mountains.

[7:00 pm] Back the campsite. We grill up some brauts. We pre game for our night at the campsite bar. I drunkenly set my camera aside.

[11:00 am] We say our goodbyes on a turnout highway 1 and drive our opposite directions.

All images © Amy Harrity

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