Incredible Photorealistic Food Paintings By Emanuele Dascanio

Milan-based artist Emanuele Dascanio creates stunning hyperrealistic oil paintings of food and still life objects. In the images, he paints various fruits against a black background allowing the viewer to concentrate on the detailed texture and shadows on the edible objects. Dascanio, who graduated from Italian art school Fontana di Arese, calls himself a perfectionist and says he “has devoted much time to the study of artistic techniques and the search for continuous improvement in his skills as a painter.”

Emanuele Dascanio_Art_0 Emanuele Dascanio_Art_1 Emanuele Dascanio_Art_2 Emanuele Dascanio_Art_3 Emanuele Dascanio_Art_4 Emanuele Dascanio_Art_5 Emanuele Dascanio_Art_6 Emanuele Dascanio_Art_7 Emanuele Dascanio_Art_8 Emanuele Dascanio_Art_9 Emanuele Dascanio_Art_10

All images © Emanuele Dascanio | Via: design you trust