Insta Fav #60: Pizza In The Wild


Our Insta Fav #58, Jonpaul Douglass hosts this genius project called ‘Pizza In The Wild’. And that’s literally what he does, he places Pizzas in random places, takes as snapshot and puts it on his Instagram with the tag #pizzainthewild.

The project started out, when he discovered a graffiti in his neighborhood in LA that had a pepperoni pizza tagged right in the center of it. Jonpaul Douglass felt so tickled by the image that he decided to use real pizzas on things through out the city and started to photograph them. His clever compositions always come with a very humorous touch and we can’t help but smile over this great project. For an interview with Jonpaul about his photography, click here. You should also make sure to check out the rest of his feed.

Follow: @jonpauldouglass

If you’d like to become a future ‘Insta Fav’, follow @ignant. We’ll look into it.

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