Writer’s Shed by Weston Surman & Deane


Hidden at the bottom of a London garden, this glowing shed by British studio Weston, Surman & Deane was designed as a writing retreat for an author.

The inner facade of the Writer’s Shed is shingle-clad with a glazed sliding door that opens out to a covered veranda facing back towards the house. A cedar screen fronts the veranda and gaps between the narrow slats allow light to shine out at night. Tucked away behind the cedar frame are logs to be used in the wood burning stove that heats the shed, which sits on concrete paving slabs and leans against the gable wall. Oiled chipboard bookcases for the writer’s library fill the space around it and painted pine boards cover the floor. A reclaimed sink with garden taps and a brass splash back sits on one of the shelves. A large skylight in the asymmetric pitch roof above fills the workspace with natural light.

All images © Wai Ming Ng | Via: Dezeen

Writer's Shed_01Writer's Shed_02Writer's Shed_03Writer's Shed_04Writer's Shed_05Writer's Shed_06Writer's Shed_07Writer's Shed_08
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