Top Freelancers Basics


We know a freelancer’s life and how it is to work from home. Somedays you just love to take yourself off to bed with your laptop and start working in the probably most comfortable surrounding there is. While on other days you can’t stand to stay home in your messy cave, you feel the cabin fever and that exaggerated longing for company.

Thus we decided to assemble a small collection of things that could come in handy while being out there freelancing and that’ll give you good company besides your favorite cup and your comfy sweats. Enjoy.

1. Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer by Crafting Cindy is a multitask home or office accessory that keeps your studio desk tidy and allows you to create your own personal style. It can be used as pen and pencil holder or for in knitting needles, crochet hooks, scissors, yarn and thread reels, or other small utensils. It’s made from one handpicked single piece of solid alpine spruce.

2. Drafting Chair

The Drafting Chair by Schoolhouse is designed after the early 20th century originals once found in art studios, classrooms and architects’ offices. Working closely with an industrial furniture maker in Wisconsin, they carefully considered every detail – from the gray powder-coated finish on the welded steel base to the beautifully curved maple seat and back.

3. Anthony Burrill Poster

Anthony Burrill’s persuasive, up-beat illustration and design has been commissioned by cultural, social and commercial clients around the world from New York, to London to Tokyo. Get yourself the ‘Work Hard & Be Nice to People’ Poster to remind you on the important things in life.

4. Invoice Envelope

Making invoices is one annoying, yet necessary task for freelancers. To help you with that you can use the invoice tag envelopes, which you can tie to a parcel or order. Each envelope measures 6.5×3.5″ with a metal eyelet at one end and some red type across the front.

5. Office Pal

If you feel lonely in your home office get an office pal, like ‘Wolfie’ by Donna Wilson. According to Donna, Wolfie is shy and bashful, and likes collecting spoons. He is made of grey wool and measures 31cm in height.

6. Magic 8 Ball

Since there are no colleagues to ask for advice we’d suggest to put your destiny in Fortuna’s hands and use the good old magic 8 ball to tell you what to do.

7. Archive Folder

The Archive folder by HAY helps you to keep your desk tidy and your most important papers bracketed.

8. Freelance T-Shirt

For everybody who did not know it yet: Freelance Ain’t Free. Say it printed on Anvil 980 preshrunk 100% ring-spun cotton

9. Brass scissors

The brass scissors by HAY have become somewhat like an instant classic. They are available in black or brass and are made of stainless steel and plastic

10. Computer Brush

This Computer Brush is designed to make your computer look like new. Great for cleaning computer screens, keyboards, telephones and other electronic devices (and to distract yourself from work).

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