Unparallel Way by Emily Weiskopf


Emily Weiskopf is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her latest series ‘Unparallel Way’ is an installation placed on the Fourth Ave Medians at 3rd St in her hometown. The mainly yellow and 140 feet long sized aluminum trams are an eye catcher in the midst of the busy traffic of the city.

By that it questions and heightens awareness of the paths we all follow, suggesting alternatives in a playful and humorous perspective.

In general Emily Weiskopf’s interdisciplinary work explores the notion of various cycles in which we partake in consciously and unconsciously. Her large-scale and site-specific works reflect both the surroundings and their context while asking the viewer to consider personal relevance to the power of infrastructure within our lives. Through imagination and selective perception she sees her work as metaphors to our relationship with the world around us – which is also what makes them personal.

All images © Bob Levine

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