Winston Chmielinski

Artist Winston Chmielinski describes himself as a disorganized, impulsive person and painting provides a sympathetic yet necessary edge. The 23-year-old self-taught artist mixes together whatever would stick and is pretty successful in doing so.

By hazard he is approaching any blank surface, wether it is a canvas, an empty word document or a plate of food. ‘I’m a cumpulsive maximalist with minimal intentions and painting allows for implausible extremes’, he states. With bright colors and luminescent thinness he makes his paintings a chaotic sensation. And as an impulsive and impatient person he never works more then three sittings at one piece. Chmielinski uses snapshots from his smartphone as a starting point for his most recent works, while the interaction between forms, colors and textures serve him as framings for his bright and striking compositions of figurative forms.

All images © Winston Chmielinski