A Cloud-Like Foam Installation By Kohei Nawa

Kyoto-based artist Kohei Nawa created a huge and immersive cloud-like installation made of small bubbles. Located in a dark room, the piece consists of floating foam that accumulates to form an ethereal structure that spreads across the space. In a statement about the artwork, Nawa says, “Each bubble cannot escape the cycle of birth and destruction, which is not unlike the way our cells operate as they metabolize and circulate.” See a video of the installation below.

Kohei Nawa_Art_! Kohei Nawa_Art_0 Kohei Nawa_Art_2 Kohei Nawa_Art_3 Kohei Nawa_Art_4 Kohei Nawa_Art_5 Kohei Nawa_Art_6

All images © Nobutada Omote