Ode to Buenos Aires


With his project ‘Ode to Buenos Aires’, artist Francisco Miranda seeks to vindicate and show the original Buenos Aires architecture, the forms that have shaped the city and have built their own identity. ‘If we walk through the streets we would be able to follow this evolution: from the colonial times up to today, through the development and changes of its forms, its architecture, its tastes.’

The 1920’s become to be the Art Deco years, when geometric shapes replaced the ornamentation and the architecture of the city, making it stripped and bare. It’s time of mystery and exoticism, of contrasting striped rough plaster, polished edges, green, black and white marble, glass and iron doors. Through a contemporary look, strongly inspired and based on art nouveau and art deco styles, Miranda creates these new moldings, intricate characters and species of modern caryatids or atlantans which, under a vanguardist look, will shape a futuristic Buenos Aires architecture.

All images © Francisco Miranda

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