Monette & Mady

A few weeks ago we introduced you to the twins Erna and Hrefna, and today, since we are a bit fascinated by the phenomenon, we would like to present you Mady and Monette. The two women, living in Paris, are identical twins, have spent the greater parts of their lives together and are inseparable as they say.They will eat the same food, in the exact same amounts, refer to themselves as ‘I’ instead of ‘we’ and complete each others sentences.
As the photographer Maja Daniels first saw them on the streets of Paris she ‘was instantly fascinated by their identical outfits and synchronized corporal language. Quirky and beautiful, they stood out from any crowd.’ She tells us further:’As I couldn’t quite believe my eyes, I remember thinking that they might not be real.’
Indeed with her work ‘Monette & Mady’ Maja Daniels takes us on a somewhat surreal journey, through the streets of Paris accompanied by the eccentric and dreamy twins, Monette and Mady.

All images © Maja Daniels | Via: Beautiful/Decay