The Seer by Christer Karlstad


If Christer Karlstad’s large format paintings compare to an existential, dystopian novel then his ‘The Seer’ series are his haiku poems – originating from the same universe. This is a place where the humans and animals populating it are recognizable yet strangers. The rules are unknown, the ambiguous narratives and hierarchies are reshuffled. 

 All five titles ‘Sing’, ‘Whisper’, ‘Howl’, ‘Breathe’ and ‘Still’ refer to a sound or the absence of sound and each scene, with the exception of the centerpiece, where the sound originates from nature itself, displays man in wordless interaction with another creature. The circle design suggests an all-seeing ‘Seer’ observing these scenes from afar.

All images © Christer Karlstad

The Seer_01The Seer_02The Seer_03The Seer_04The Seer_05
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