Residence in Daisen


Situated in the midst of abundant cherry and pine trees near Yonago City, Japan, standing at natural well-balanced intervals with trunks reaching towards the sky with bountiful leaves. The ‘Residence in Daisen: A style coexisting with the forest ‘ is a chic guesthouse.

The house was arranged so that most of the surrounding trees stayed untouched and by that ensured the living space in the aperture to a maximum extent. Differently-pitched roofs snuggling up to the extension of branches and foliage make it possible to take in sunlight effectively. In Daisen the snowfall in winter reaches almost two meters, so the architects from Keisuke Kawaguchik and K2-Desig decided to adopt a piloti style with living spaces on the second floor in order to allow ample cross-breeze, while also reducing moisture and heat rising from the ground in summer. These considerations made it possible to maintain comfortable living conditions during all seasons as well as fulfilled K2-Design’s primary endeavor, ‘Coexisting with the forest’.

All images © Keisuke Kawaguchik and K2-Design | Via: dezeen

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