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V Studio’s Rooftop Bamboo Garden


Located on the roof of a huge shopping mall in China, architect’s firm V studio designed a Chinese bamboo garden that creates a place of serenity and calmness amid the noisy surroundings.

This beautiful zen garden is installed in a u-shaped form where gaps are left between the cuboid and the wall for the courtyard and patio. Bamboo is planted all over, letting the building disappear in the dense bamboo forest. This project is covering a floor area of 320 square meters and a building area of 220 square meters. Due to its huge size, there are various forms of business in it, including shopping, catering and entertainment. Function areas are very clear in the interior space, featuring bright light, pure white and green bamboo. The building is surrounded by a courtyard, patios and skylights, which blurs the boundary between interior and exterior. The concept of pure white follows all elements and materials in the interior space, evoking an extremely clean and abstract atmosphere for the visitors. To create a sense of oneness, the designers installed earth-toned furniture. The bamboo forest on the roof is a metaphor of nature, where people can take a break from the big-city tumult and just enjoy the breeze.

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All images © Jin Weiqi

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