Spectacular Look Out


Nature first and architecture second was the guiding principal when the architects, Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhelmsen sat down to design the ‘Aurland Look Out’. In a please with truly beautiful surroundings the architects decided to make the least possible encroachment in the existing landscape and terrain.

‘The landscape is so fantastic that it is difficult to improve the place, but at the same time very easy to destroy the atmosphere by inserting too many elements into the site.’ The environment above a small town called Aurland in Sogn og Fjordan, Norway, called for a special construction, a construction that creates a distinct horizon; a bridge in the open room of this large fjord. By creating a giant diving board like structure measuring 4 m width, 30 length, and 9m in hight out at the very end, ‘Aurland Look Out’ is a viewing platform that helps to dramatize the experience of nature and the larger landscape room.

All images © Todd Saunders

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