Multiplex housing in Seoul


‘Beyond the Screen’ is a new type of residential complex, located in Naebalsan-dong, Seoul. The existing condition of this residential neighborhood is no different from most other neighborhoods, with multiplex housing having held the majority.

The aim of ‘Beyond the Screen’, realized by OBBA, Office for Beyond Boundaries Architecture, was to offer a compact spatial richness for living. While finding new architectural solutions in satisfying the specific needs of the user, client, as well as contributing to the improvement of the typically generic townscape so familiar in Korea. OBBA’s design approach starts from a critical survey of the surrounding environment – urban conditions, existing architecture, and a spectrum of elements of daily life. With this project they focus on provinding new architectural design solutions to improve the quality of compact living through and enrichment of spatial qualities and functions.

All images © Kyungsub Shin | Via: dezeen

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