Illustrations by Manabu Ikeda


Manabu Ikeda’s work is truly fascinating. His images seem to have directly fallen out of a fairytale, full of imagination and and colorful details. He spontaneously draws episodes from his daily experiences and scene of unrelated matters.

Using acrylic ink and pen to create a large drawing, his work is composed of a number of cumulative detailed pen strokes, so finishing a single piece can take up to a few years. The accumulation of detailed pen strokes eventually forms a large figure. The long and meticulously detailed process he uses to draw allows him to create an image that is unpredictable.’This is why I use such a time-consuming drawing method, which in turn makes it interesting for me to develop and grow my own imaginations through the act of drawing.’

All images © Manabu Ikeda | Via: This Is Colossal

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