Eva Han


Eva Han’s work involves the creation of conceptually based psychological objects. Using many geometric lines helps her express her subconscious mind. ‘We can see people’s face emotions but how about if we can measure their emotions through shapes of geometry?’

Throughout the span of our lives our emotions play an important role, enriching virtually all of our waking moments with either a pleasant or unpleasant quality. By using various types of colors and patterns Eva Han tries to realize a certain emotional state, questioning weather emotions are measurable by geometric shapes. She uses images from magazines and vintage books for her work using collage technique with mixed media such as oil painting or an acrylic. Collage gives Eva Han unlimited room for imagination. ‘I don’t need any preparations – all I need is my Exacto knife, scissors, glue and papers and my subconscious mind. With the collage the unexpected happens.’

All images © Eva Han

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