NEW DAWN Imagines A Speculative Future Of Nature, Art And Technology In The Year 2070

NEW DAWN | Tools To Touch In Times Ahead

NEW DAWN | Tools to Touch in Times Ahead is a collaborative multimedia project curated by Berlin-based photographer and creative director Tobias Faisst that features 57 creatives from around the world.

The project explores the visual and creative potential of a speculative organic future. In the digital showroom, art, graphic design, CGI animation, dance, and sound design converge to enable new object-related visual experiences, centered around one object: the glove. The space’s architecture was developed by Adrian Bolog, with exhibition design and curatorial narrative by Maximilian Mauracher. Alongside 17 other 3D studios and artists, IGNANT production created a CGI rendering that explores the glove as a device for enabling holistic experiences in a discursive, speculative future. This envisaged future is as follows:

It is the year 2070, and humankind has achieved new heights in aesthetics, science, and technology. Artificial intelligence has granted humanity the ability to design unique ecosystems, creating an organic and synthetic future where art and technology no longer follow traditional canons. New tools enable new creations: It is in the hand of the newly enhanced humankind.

The digital exhibition is accompanied by a video produced and directed by Berlin-based creative studio acte™, with choreography by Franka Marlene Foth, sound by Ozelot Studio, and creative direction by Tobias Faisst. In the performative video, contemporary dancers move with fluidity against a backdrop of bold color; it is as if their gloved hands have an animacy effect. “The performed garment acquires its own identity and agency through the act of stage representation,” explains a statement from Felipe Duque. “Following the notions of desire, animacy and sentience, the actant character of NEW DAWN’s garments activates a person’s body, conscience, and her surroundings, suggesting moods and atmospheres.”


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Image by Guasch


Image by Mate Steinforth


Image by IGNANT production


Image by Six N. Five

Initiator, Creative Director, Photographer: Tobias Faisst
Theory and Text: Felipe Duque
Exhibition Design & Coordination: Maximilian Mauracher
Curatorial and Strategic Project Management: Masse Studio
Graphic Design, Art Direction: Johanna Burai
Retouching: Studio Wolfram
Hand Model: Luisa Weissflog
Graphic Design, 2D Animation: Steffen Hotel
Exhibition Architect & Developer: Adrian Bolog
Coding: Hongwei Tang
Sound: Ozelot Studios
Intro animation: Dean Giffin

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