6500 CDs, more than 200 hours of work, 6 photographic subjects, one art-installation and one video. These are the numbers of ‘Piracy’, an exhibition against music piracy, designed by Mirco Pagano and Moreno de Turco.

Using the original CDs of their greatest hits, they assembled the music icons of the past thus you can see Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, James Brown, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix and Freddy Mercury. With ‘Piracy’ they denounced the problem that, like a virus, piracy infects and destroys the music from the inside, preventing the artists to succeed and become idols as in the past. Only the original CDs allow us to understand who they are and make them universally recognizable icons.

All images © Mirco Pagano | Via: Creative Greed

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