Flickr Friday


Protective mechanism – To tickle the head with a smile in the buttonhole and laying in ruffled scattered flowers which never wither – just getting spots maybe a blind one – lurking for the winking reflex who spit the foreign body out of the warm inside – subdue the arrhythmia – we have to protect us – for everything and everyone.

Text by Anna Töws

Image © Brittany Reagan

Image © Emily Doe

Image © Ashlee Elle

Image © Amber Ortolano

Image © Victoria Alden

Image © Ryan Andrew Gaffney

Image © Cometas Perdidos

Image © Rona Keller

Image © Donovan Rees

Brittany ReaganEmily Doeashlee.amber ortolanovictoria aldenryanandrewgaffneyCometas Perdidosthe girl who made it on her ownsixbysixtasy
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