llot llov


Llot llov are Ania Bauer, Jacob Brinck, Lena Hirche and Ramon Toshiro Merke. Four designers, all with different backgrounds and different ways of working in one team. Exactly these differences make llot llov to what they are. On a sunny afternoon Ania and Jacob welcome us to their studio in a Kreuzberg backyard.

Here we come across nested spaces, many different materials, concepts and prototypes of their own designs.

Llot llov is design studio and producer of its own designs combined. This way the four designers have the opportunity to produce their ideas in series and to sell licenses to other producers. The first time Ania and Jacob got talking was when Jacob slipped a flyer into Anias hand. On a shared taxi the two decided that once ‘they grow up’, they wanted to do something and work together. ‘After we had exchanged numbers that night and neither of us ever called, we met again some time later by accident and decided to finally join forces.’ The name ‘llot llov’ grew out of the habit of working group members always praising each others work and with the words ‘voll toll’
(llot llov read backwards engl.: awesome!). Since the design collective has come together it succeeds seemingly effortlessly, bridging the gap between art, simple, sometimes playful and at the same clear, functional design. Through a ‘creative ping-pong’ between the individual team members fancy individual furnishings such as Lucille are formed. What started as an idea for a space-defining, hanging sculpture, has become an imposing structure, yet graceful and simple macrame, holding plants. Ania and Jacob tell us that this is an example of their usual design process. ‘It starts with an idea, perhaps an individual has created something that others look at and everyone shares his opinion about the model or idea. And in the end you face a very different product than initially suspected.’ That’s what defines llot llov, the exchange with other designers as well as with people who are working with wood, paper, metal or other things. Dealing with various people from sometimes very different backrounds heading in different directions generates new sources of inspiration and strength. ‘Traveling’, Ania and Jacob agree, ‘is a strong source of energy and inspiration. Also due to their concept store ‘BAERCK’ in the Mulackstrasse in Berlin, the obligation of traveling turns into a possibility of discovering new things. In places you’ve never been before everything seems to be more vibrant and exciting than at home. Here, the smallest details can turn into great and fascinating things. Also communicating with friends and strangers can be very inspiring to the design collective. llot llov looks at our environment in an uncommon, intuitive way, focusing on the guiding principles: content, use, clarity and sustainability.

Text by Hannah Edwards | Photgraphy by Caroline Kurze

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