yuppie ranch house


Inspired by the rolling hills of the surrounding countryside, the Yuppie Ranch House almost fits seamlessly into the Italian landscape. On once empty grazing land, the Yuppie Ranch House now provides a home for humans and horses. With around 350 sqm and a green and an easy accessible roof, the house offers plenty of space for people and animals.

Following in the nearby old tracks, the architects of ELASTICOSPA + 3 played with the varying density in the vertical arrangement of the cross-ties which feature both in the perimeter fence and as a partial cladding for the house facade. A ramp with fireplace offers not only a place of relaxation but also serves as a central meeting area and as the hub for the distribution of individual rooms. The materials have been selected so that the facade changes from season to season under the influence of the weather and gradually the whole building will blend with the landscape and become one with the surrounding nature.

All images © ELASTICOSPA + 3

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