Invasive Species


‘Something is transformed into something else that it’s not.’ Fascinated by his environment, South African artist Dillon Marsh photographs cell phone masts that were set up in and around Cape Town, disguised as trees. Dillon Marsh prefers and focuses on images of man-made, unusual structures.

He places every tree in the center of a frame, almost like a scientific botanical illustration. With its desaturated and slightly yellowish coloring the photographs look like images from the 19th Century. What Marsh photographs is of certain importance to him and he tries to give each project a different feel and mood. ‘I choose objects that can be found in multitude within their environment so that I can depict a family of objects in a series of photographs. By displaying each project as such, I feel I am able to show both, the character of the individual members, and the characteristics that make these objects a family.’ 

All images © Dillon Marsh | Via: beautiful/decay

Invasive Species01Invasive Species02Invasive Species03Invasive Species04Invasive Species05Invasive Species06Invasive Species08Invasive Species10
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