Sasha Kurmaz


Sasha Kurmaz is a young multidisciplinary artist from Kiev in Ukraine. He is primarily interested in the human body and private life, which he portrays with absolutely no dread. Sasha’s goal is to explore the state line of nudes, between love and strong feelings.

Those subjects touch upon his images with collages, integrating both to show his most personal side, deepening on the most cherished of desires and their artistic reconstruction. Sasha captures intimate photographs, aesthetic elements within still life, frivolity and intimacy, strange and beautiful situations. In that way, even everyday moments become erotic; by telling a story. When he is not taking pictures he does installations and street art photography. We are equally interested for his aesthetic creations as much as for his attitude towards inner photography. In addition to the above; we would add a poetic reading to his visual creations, which have a subtle tension between sensuality and repulsiveness, yet they never leave you without a very interesting response.

All images © Sasha Kurmaz

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