Casa MM


The climate of São Paulo, southeastern Brazil pretty much determined the habitability of the ‘Casa MM’ by architectural studio StudioMK27. The green roof not only lifts the grass of the land but also acts as an insulator, while all spaces are provided with ventilation through wooden folding doors and brises-soleil that can be fully opened.

The architects explain that ‘the organization is set by the intersection of two perpendicular axes on a single ground floor’. Along one axis is the horizontal volumetry of the house, with its green roof and along the other axis, there is emptiness with just a wooden deck and pool. Thereby the different ceiling heights of the terrace and the living room create a dynamic spatiality. The relaxed and inviting atmosphere of this house in the countryside is a place to enjoy the reflecting pool and sunny terrace despite the hot air of São Paulo.

All images © Fernando Guerra | Via: Frameweb

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