A House


The ‘A House’ in Kisami built by Florian Busch Architects is a private retreat overlooking the ocean about 180 km south of Tokyo. Located at the end of a tiny mountain road leading up a coastal hill, the site is on a steep slope with stunning views and sounds of the sea.

The project started with carving out the mountain, placing a small volume into the resultant carved-out void, and a larger one on top. Thus the mountain void is turned into the centre of the house: a spa zone in the mountain between the platonic volumes housing bedrooms on the lower and living on the upper level. When the spaces in-between become the building’s essence, it is hard not to realise that architecture is not about objects. The building frames this essence: the exterior space that flows through the building, down the mountain and connects the ‘A House’ with the sea.

All images © Hiroyasu Sakaguchi | Via: archdaily

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