Rob Mulholland, a scottish sculptor who created this series of mirrored, reflective sculpted figures called ‘Vestige’ within the forest around the David Marshall Lodge, Scotland. Camouflaged by their surroundings, they absorb their environment and reflect the constant flux of movement and light day by day.

The six male and female figures represent a vestige, a faint trace of the past people that once lived at this place. It’s more a visual non-space, a void, imperceptible and at the same time being part of the forest and not being part of it. Mulholland says it deals with the human desire to leave a trace of one-self for future generations. ‘The reflective figures ask us to look again and consider the symbiotic relationship we have with our natural and man-made environment’. Thereby his approach is not judgmental, more reflective and questioning about the ever-changing world around us.

All images © Rob Mulholland | Via: CollabCubed

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