Max Grünfeld


Max Grünfeld is a dutch illustrator from Amsterdam, who’s now living and working in Hamburg. Studying at the Art Academy ArtEZ, Netherlands and Escola Massana Art Academy, Spain, her work is a mix of spanish and dutch culture and art. She doesn’t really like talking about herself and her work but the more she likes telling stories with her illustrations and not just paint beautiful pictures.

‘I can tell much more with illustrations in extraordinary ways than when I would have to shape the same idea/image or feeling with words’. She finds her inspiration in the little details of her everyday life, a conversation, strange and funny circumstances, daydreaming, people, animals or art, which she later transforms and assembles to one of layered illustrations. Using interesting mixing techniques with fine hatchings and delicate lines she creates a deepness in her two dimensional paintings, always with a serious but humorous touch.

All images © Max Grünfeld

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